Lauren became interested in architecture as a child and began to cultivate her skills at a very young age. She is the daughter of a carpenter and an artist, making architecture an innate calling. Lauren was raised to understand the balance between art and building that is necessary for the design and construction of successful projects. Lauren received her Bachelor of Architecture at Cornell University, graduating with a medal for exceptional merit in the design of her thesis project. She secured her architect’s license at the almost unprecedented age of twenty-six. With a focus primarily on architectural design, she brings with her almost 20 years of real-world design and construction management experience. She is committed to achieving her client’s aspirations for their project while also working within any given project constraints. She appreciates collaborating with our clients and team members through the course of our projects and especially enjoys seeing our clients thrive in their new spaces, whether it’s a family home, an office, or a retail space. She looks forward to continuing to grow the company and to branching out into additional design-build ventures. Lauren is licensed in both California and New York.




Jeremy has been involved in design and construction for most of his life. He was born in New York and grew up working and learning alongside his grandfather, who was a master carpenter or on his ground-up construction sites. His grandfather instilled in Jeremy the importance of craftsmanship and a strong work ethic while encouraging his focus on design and project management. Jeremy took this experience with him to New York City, Philadelphia, and finally Los Angeles, where he honed his skills. Jeremy brings with him 20+ years of design and construction experience in residential and commercial environments. Over the years, he has been trained in architectural design and all aspects of construction, both hands-on and project management. With his extensive background and well-rounded approach to design and development, he uses his skills as a tool to build beautiful projects for our clients that are completed on time and on-budget. He looks forward to continuing to build the construction side of LETTER FOUR, to perfecting our design-build process, and to bringing the value of his design eye and construction expertise to other architects, home and business owners.




With a prestigious Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Nicole brings a solid foundation of design knowledge as well as a firm understanding of the construction and fabrication process.Throughout her career, she has worked in smaller Architecture firms and in custom steel fabrication, allowing her to build upon a wide variety of skills ranging from big picture conceptual design to thoughtful fine tuned details of architectural casework. Her tasks in any given day range from submitting and reviewing drawings with city officials for building permits, to working closely with consultants to ensure a cohesive design, and drafting and developing complete drawing sets in all phases through to construction administration. She looks forward to every opportunity to improve the built environment, no matter how small or large!




Alfredo is an invaluable part of our construction team, bringing 15+ years of construction experience to our job sites. While finish carpentry is his passion, Alfredo is truly a jack-of-all-trades with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the construction of our projects, from start to finish. Over the years Alfredo has trained several apprentices in finish carpentry and construction, sharing his talent and knowledge and helping us to build our team of skilled carpenters. He is the utmost professional and is consistently requested by our repeat clients for the quality of his work, calm demeanor, and solid communication skills. When Alfredo is not building he enjoys spending time with his family and caring for the horses at his ranch here in Los Angeles.




Jessica’s determination to become an architect was solidified after receiving the “Most Likely To Become An Architect” award in the 6th grade. Growing up in Los Angeles she enjoyed visiting open houses and observing her family’s real estate and property management business. After completing her architectural studies at the University of Southern California she continued to stay involved with the USC Architectural Guild. Jessica served as the Emerging Professionals Committee Chair for a number of years organizing networking events and staying updated on the latest developments in the building industry. Her portfolio includes work on various residential, commercial, and healthcare projects throughout Southern California. Here at LETTER FOUR, Jessica has been essential in driving our Revit standards. She also takes pride in keeping the office up to date on changes to building, zoning, and other codes that affect our projects.




Emma joined Letter Four in September of 2018 after graduating with honors from the University of Southern California; completing a Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Occupational Sciences. She contributes to our team on both commercial and residential projects as an architectural and interior designer. Letter Four is a collaborative design-centered office where she has the privilege of seeing projects from the beginning phases of due diligence and as-builts through to design development and construction administration. She enjoys working with our clients and consultants to create inspiring and unique spaces. She appreciates LETTER FOUR’s dedication to mixing traditional means of communication with high-tech, cloud-based softwares; sketching out our ideas and conveying design goals through hand drawing before switching over to digital design, where we effectively use modern technology to model and produce our architectural drawings. Each day is different at LETTER FOUR, making it exciting coming into work, and see the progress of all our projects, and collaborate with our team.




With a Bachelor’s in French Language & Studies and full French fluency, Bonnie joined LETTER FOUR with a professional background in real estate development in November of 2019 and has already proven to be an integral part of the LETTER FOUR team. As Construction Administrative Assistant, she works closely with Jeremy as well as our subcontractors to ensure all projects are running smoothly on the construction side. Frequently communicating with clients to keep them up to date and informed, she uses her organizational skills to keep track of project pricing, scheduling, and inspections. When she’s not working in the office or in the field, Bonnie loves running, perusing record stores, and spending time with her dog, Oskar.




Delivering outstanding customer service is second nature to Alex. Usually the first team member our clients interact with, he is sure to greet you with a smile and warm disposition. As LETTER FOUR’s Office Manager, he is responsible for all office logistic and procedures including: Client correspondence & scheduling, team meetings, human resources, and business management. He keeps us proactive and is always looking for ways to improve our client experience as well as our company culture. His strong organizational skills and can-do attitude have made him a wonderful addition to our team. Outside of the office Alex practices daily meditation, enjoys vintage shopping, and takes any chance he can to spend time with his family and friends.