We offer creative, open-minded clients the Design-Build services they need to build an inspired home.


We offer creative, open-minded clients the Design-Build services they need to build an inspired home.

Make Your Vision a Reality

LETTER FOUR brings together an all-star cast with proven success helping properties reach their full potential, both planning and creating breathtaking homes. The service you receive is backed by years of hands-on experience in all things architecture and construction. Our expert staff will diagnose the right approach for your project through careful evaluation of lot conditions and constraints. We then prioritize your ideas and strategize to find the very best design option based on what you value. Your project is managed with careful attention to detail at all stages, ensuring your budget, timeline, and goals are top priorities throughout the design and building process.

Lauren and Jeremy

LETTER FOUR is led by our Principals, Lauren Adams and Jeremy Baker. Both grew up working on their family’s homes, creating beautiful, meaningful dwellings with a personal touch. They each desired to apply their expertise to greater challenges, motivating them to move to the city of endless possibilities: Los Angeles.

This dynamic duo finally met in 2008, when a mutual friend connected them for collaboration on a project in Beverly Hills. After cooperating on more luxury builds, the two teamed up to establish LETTER FOUR in 2010. Their goal was to offer a completely turnkey Design-Build service to residents seeking a clear, collaborative, and deeply personalized home-building experience - one that's streamlined by having a single team on board from start to finish.

Lauren and Jeremy structured their firm differently from most in the industry, creating a true 50/50 owner-partnership. Where other firms hire out for architecture or contracting services, LETTER FOUR’s business model relies on in-house collaboration. Operating on these terms holds our team fully accountable for every project, driving us to deliver the highest level of service and craftsmanship to our clients.

Our Values

  1. Client-Centered. We approach your project with a service philosophy that puts you right at the center, delivering a positive experience through fairness, transparency, respect, and open communication.
  2. Accountability. We provide you with one point of contact for maximum project accountability, from start to finish.
  3. Process-Driven. We follow detailed, well-developed processes for everything we do, which are proven to deliver the best results for your unique needs and goals. All of this is done while staying true to budget, schedule, and the quality of design and construction.
  4. People. We aim to be responsible contributors and allies to our neighboring community, and to support our invaluable team with a culture that invests in their opportunities and well-being.

We are built for this

All of your needs are covered at LETTER FOUR. We built our firm to address all aspects of custom home building and renovation under one roof, from design conceptualization, all the way to the final walkthrough.

We do this by offering complete licensed Architecture and General Contracting services as one standalone business. You get a single team capable of carrying out your project to the very end. Our experts will guide you through every step, providing the insights needed to produce inspiring designs, masterful construction, and a perfectly streamlined workflow. Through our holistic framework, you’ll enjoy a process that keeps project coordination simple and effective. No worries, no confusion - just clarity and peace of mind.

Our Services

Meet Our Team

Jeremy Baker


Jeremy is an expert builder who has spent his entire life immersed in the art of constructing homes. He learned the ropes at an early age alongside his grandfather, a master carpenter. This life-changing mentorship instilled in Jeremy the value of craftsmanship. His grandfather taught him to never compromise on the quality of his work, and to embrace design as a key tool. These lessons were carried with Jeremy as he set out to grow his own career, with the goal of delivering clients a superior home building experience. This mission ultimately drove him to partner with Lauren, founding LETTER FOUR to build immaculate homes across Los Angeles. He has spent these 20+ years growing his mastery of construction and project management, even learning the principles of design to help him deliver breathtaking builds. Jeremy now leads the General Contracting team, where he helps clients plan their way toward beautiful homes that enhance their lifestyles. His talent shines brightest when collaborating with team-oriented clients who want to build something special, with an appreciation for a personal touch and artisan skill.

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Lauren Adams AIA, NCARB


As the daughter of a carpenter and an artist, creating beautiful homes is an innate calling for Lauren. She grew up helping her parents do hands-on remodeling work in their family homes as a child, which solidified her desire to become an architect. After college and a year working in Boston, Lauren drove across the country to join the LA architecture scene in 2002. This early start has given her more than 20 years of hands-on experience designing luxurious residences in the greater LA area. Lauren earned her Bachelor of Architecture at Cornell University, becoming a licensed architect at the mere age of twenty-six. She knew that she wanted her own firm, a place where she could pursue meaningful projects and provide a dedicated, personalized design experience that’s not achievable in a large corporate office. This led her to found Letter Four with Jeremy, where she leads our architectural design team. Lauren strives for close collaboration with clients who want to push the boundaries of design, helping them explore new possibilities and find imaginative yet practical solutions for homes that are truly unique. With her at the helm, there’s nothing out of reach for our creative, big-dreaming clients.

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Natalie Williams

Interior Designer

Meet Natalie, our talented in-house interior designer for Letter Four, who recently made the move to LA from her hometown of Chicago. Her professional design journey began in Chicago, briefly meandered through Florida, and culminated in her studies of Interior Architecture and Design at Columbia College Chicago. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, she was deeply influenced by her parents who had a hobby of flipping houses, and she immersed herself in issues of Architectural Digest. These early experiences kindled her love for crafting bespoke and aesthetically rich spaces. Today, Natalie thrives as an Interior Designer, fueled by her passion for collaboration, art exhibits, material experimentation, and weaving narratives into her designs. When she's not engrossed in design work, you'll likely find Natalie enhancing her skills at the Institute of Olfactory, grooving at concerts, or delighting friends with her culinary creations.

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Nicole Sugihara Brinser

Architectural Project Manager

Nicole is the all-star who keeps the architectural aspects of our projects masterfully coordinated. She is a key figure in maintaining constant communication with our clients and dispatches weekly updates. On any given day, you can find her collaborating with consultants, developing drawing sets, or submitting and reviewing drawings with city officials for building permits. She takes the reins of management to ensure that the design stage progresses smoothly and projects are ready to begin construction. Nicole began building her expertise at the prestigious Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where she earned her Bachelor of Architecture. As a student, she lent her skills to boutique architecture firms and custom steel fabricators, giving her unique insights into the nuts and bolts of the built environment. Her mind for both the practicalities and artistry of architecture helps her see the big picture when strategizing project advancement. Nicole is a recently licensed architect and member of the AIA.

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Tessa Park

Job Captain

Born in Boise, Idaho, Tessa embraced skiing, backpacking, and river activities. Immersed in her parents' businesses—jewelry design and fisheries biology—she developed a knack for creativity and logic, leading her to architecture. Starting at Colorado College, she soon ventured to Chile and Argentina for backpacking adventures. Later, in Bozeman, Montana, she combined architectural studies with mountain pleasures. Summers saw her working in an ice cream shop and on ranches practicing regenerative agriculture. Now in LA, she's exploring the coast, from surfing to sailing. When not at LF, Tessa's camping, running LA's trails, or experimenting in the kitchen.

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Macintyre Schnell


Ever since he could remember, Mac has had a passion for creation. Raised on a small hobby farm in Wisconsin's rural countryside, he often immersed himself in constructing sand 'urban fabrics'. His affinity for art eventually led him to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he pursued Interior Architecture. Wanting to further refine his skills, he embarked on a Master of Architecture journey. In August 2022, seeking a change from his lifelong Wisconsin habitat, he relocated to the University of Southern California. When not immersed in studio projects, Mac can be found nurturing his plants, baking, hiking, or running. A marathon enthusiast, he's eyeing the Boston Marathon, aiming to qualify before his golden 28th birthday.

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Joey Camello

Social Media and Content Coordinator

Originally from Oakland and now calling Los Angeles home, Joey's life has always revolved around music. His global tours as a musician have seen him perform everywhere from Budapest's buzzing streets to New York City's legendary venues. Apart from music, Joey is a published writer with a penchant for literature, always aiming to strike a chord with his readers. He boasts a diverse background that includes graphic design, journalism, machining, screen printing, and general contracting. This rich tapestry of experiences means Joey brings a unique lens to everything he does, be it music, writing, or design. He holds a deep belief in the potential of aesthetics to amplify the music and art experience.

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Jessica Liu

Architectural Project Manager

Jessica is a do-it-all powerhouse. She helps us manage all of the technical aspects of our projects, from guiding due diligence research and managing our firm's softwares, to keeping our clients informed, coordinating permit approvals, and much more. Jessica employs her Revit skills to build well-detailed 3D models of our clients’ homes, and stays on top of all changes to building, zoning, and other codes that affect project requirements. With her on the job, our clients get peace of mind knowing that every detail of their design will be accounted for. Jessica’s dedication comes from a life which was destined for this business. She received the “Most Likely To Become An Architect” award as a 6th-grader, and later went on to study architecture at the University of Southern California. Jessica stayed on with the USC Architectural Guild, serving several years as Chair of the Emerging Professionals Committee. This role helped her broaden her knowledge of industry developments, giving her an insider’s understanding of how architecture is evolving. She’s highly involved in the construction administration phase of our projects, making sure that questions from the field are answered with a design eye and every construction detail is communicated to the construction team successfully.

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Emmet Ashford

Construction Project Manager

We count on Emmet to steer our projects through the construction phase with smart planning and innovative solutions. He brings an invaluable perspective to the role of Construction Project Manager thanks to a long and distinguished background in architecture. After obtaining a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Sculpture, from the University of Washington, this Seattle native later earned his Masters in Architecture from UCLA and became a CA licensed general contractor (B). This has made him uniquely qualified to steward the projects here at our Design-Build firm, where both architecture and construction are closely integrated. Emmet excels at communicating with both tradespeople and clients, optimizing our workflow and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and needs are met.

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Angelina Silvestri

Job Captain

Born and raised in Lincolnshire, IL, just a short drive from Chicago, Angelina grew up in a family of creative hairdresser entrepreneurs who instilled in her the ethos of loving what you do. Her architectural journey began at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, honing software skills, and later took her to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Angelina's year in Miami's European campus in Luxembourg exposed her to 17 different countries. An active soul, she holds a 3rd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has a rich history in competitive dance. These art forms profoundly influence her architectural style, most evident in her senior thesis, Dance & Architecture. Now in LA, Angelina is eager to explore, whether that's live music, shared meals, golfing, or cooking.

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Bonnie Duprey

Construction Coordinator

Our resident Francophile who pursued a full education in French Language & Studies, Bonnie has always had an explorative mindset. This adventurous streak unexpectedly brought her into the construction industry. She started working for a real estate developer, where she learned the hallmarks of elite properties and what it takes to create them. Bonnie now brings this understanding to her collaboration with Jeremy, our General Contractor, and all of the subcontractors that contribute to our projects. She takes charge of the communication and organization necessary to keep construction progressing smoothly, maintaining a firm grasp on all details relating to pricing, scheduling, and inspections. She’s the one to update clients on construction developments and deliver a clear, worry-free experience for every residential project.

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