Architects are most known for making homes and buildings visually sound, but they do so much more than that. They are masters at utilizing space, putting together ideas into a cohesive theme, and helping clients visualize their ideas into an official plan.

As architects licensed to design buildings in California, and focused in Culver City and the greater Los Angeles area, we can give you a peek into what to expect from the architectural design process and architectural service as a whole.

Here are some things that you may not expect when working with an architect for the design and construction of your project:

1. Your architect may give you “homework.”

It is important for architects to capture the look and feel that you have in mind, especially when designing your home, gym, or retail store. Your architect will gather information about your project goals through an initial meeting, but words can say one thing and pictures can say much more. An architect that partners with their clients, as we do at LETTER FOUR, will ask that you provide images of spaces and materials that inspire you before starting their design work.

2. The first presentation will be a collaborative brainstorming session

Architects rarely consider their first sketches as final. Although they do their best to incorporate all of the client’s wants and needs into the design, they want your feedback as they refine the design.

After presenting the first draft of the design, the architect will initiate a more in-depth conversation. They’ll discuss your requested design options and elaborate on those that might not be feasible from a financial and/or building code standpoint. You might also realize that your initial ideas aren’t the best option for your space once you have seen them sketched to scale on paper. From here, you will want to work with your architect to find the best solution.

3. You can’t always have it all

Being professionals, architects will do their best to meet your every request. If, however, your project is on a budget or there are constraints to consider, your architect might have to explain that you can’t have it all. Architects are creative, but sometimes they have to rein in their and their clients’ creativity to ensure that a project gets built on time and within budget (if it gets built at all!).

4. Your architect can show you unexpected solutions

This is a practice that seasoned architects follow to show clients what their budgets can get them: present several design variations that range from the very basic to the extra grandiose. It helps to set expectations and at the same time show the possibilities of the project.

5. Your architect will still hang around after getting a permit for the final design

An architect’s work doesn’t end with securing a building permit. They also stay onboard to communicate the specifications of the project (details such as how the tiles will be laid, what plumbing fixtures to use, and so forth) to the contractors.

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There’s more that we architects do for our clients. While no two architects work exactly the same way, you can expect that our architects and architectural designers at LETTER FOUR, INC. will will provide you with the highest level of talent, expertise, professionalism, and dependability.

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