Design-Build is first and foremost a simpler approach to construction. It’s rapidly growing in popularity, now delivering almost half of America’s building projects.

Unlike Design-Bid-Build, this method brings both design and construction functions together as one team, working as a single entity with the owner. There are many benefits of the Design-Build process for both residential and construction. These include:

Efficiency and expertise

It almost goes without saying, but Design-Build firms are experts in just that — designing and construction. With everybody on the same team, the common goal is to arrive at a successful project that meets and exceeds expectations.

Greater accountability and communication between the design and construction aspects ensure that builds are more likely to finish on time and on budget — a huge win-win!

Communication and collaboration

In our experience, we know that better communication leads to fewer problems. When problems arise on a build, instead of pointing the blame at other parties, a Design-Build firm will work on solutions together.

When designers and constructors work as one team, unified project recommendations are made. This culture of collaboration means that teams can successfully marry the demands of design, practicality, schedule, and budget from the offset — resulting in a smoother process.

Cost savings

Design-Build offers better solutions at a better price.

With multiple budget checks and a single point of responsibility throughout the project, owners are reassured that overspends aren’t going unnoticed.

With traditional Design-Bid-Build, owners can sometimes be left as arbiters between design and construction teams. With Design-Build, these risks are minimized. The entire team works together to produce a defined budget, sound designs, and excellent results.


Design-Build encourages collaboration, communication, and creativity. It allows clients to be part of the process from the very start — understanding and trusting each aspect of the project with advice from expert architects, engineers, surveyors, and builders. With greater communication, the best and most innovative solutions are found, leading to faster projects, lower costs, and beautiful buildings.