Construction requires a lot of time and energy. Even if you have the will and the resources to execute the plan, the sheer complexity of taking it on yourself can often leave the project delayed, at best, or cancelled, at worst. But there is a way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you and that everything runs smoothly every step of the way. It starts with choosing the right Design-Build firm as your partner.

We at Letter Four make things simpler for you by being there for you every step of the way as your Design-Build partner in Culver City and the greater Los Angeles area. Not only do we create beautiful and functional designs, we build them too, and we’re with you through the entire construction process.

LI Project Backyard

To better explain why we’re the best choice, here are the top four reasons that Design-Build firms are better than the alternative:


Teamwork is one of the most underrated, but impactful advantages of having a Design-Build firm as your partners. Since there are no hard separations between the design and the construction team, communication and cooperation is stronger, faster, and more transparent. This means more meaningful and thought-out outcomes. Because the two typically distinct entities are united, here each works in unison with the best interests of the owner of the project in mind. Here at Letter Four we are a little different than other Design-Build firms as our principals are co-owners of the business, each handling their respective sides (architecture and construction), with the shared goal of designing and building the best for our clients. A united team with a singular goal sees the project through from start to finish in the most streamlined way.


This advantage goes hand-in-hand with the first one. Since you are only working with one entity, instead of two or more, the processes will be much easier and simpler. The exchange of communication will be much faster and more comprehensive. If there are adjustments to be made to the building design during the construction phase, for example, the designers can easily work with the construction team to better integrate the adjustments.

Take us at Letter Four, for example. We’ve been working with each other for a decade now. This means we’ve come to understand how each other works and how we can best tackle changes and challenges in every project.

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Since you’re only working with one entity, it’s easy to trace the accountability of the entire project. This includes factors like how successful the end result of the project is, how much the cost of the project is in its entirety, and how well the work adhered to the projected timeline. There’s no finger-pointing because only one team designed and built the structure, and as such they will have more closely monitored the budget and the schedule. This helps to minimize surprising delays or budget increases.


Because of the accountability and efficiency advantages, projects with Design-Build firms tend to save both time and resources compared to projects where the design and the construction teams are two separate entities. There are even more of these savings when the firm has been in the industry longer. This means they already understand more about both sides of the project and can reduce unnecessary delays and expenses.

Project Roofdeck

Take Away

According to facilities management publication FMLink, Design-Build construction spending will increase by 18 percent through 2021. It is set to exceed the $320 billion mark by then as well. This is because the Design-Build arrangement offers so many advantages over their more traditional Design-Bid-Build counterparts. If you’re planning on having your structure built on time and on budget, work with a Design-Build firm that’s experienced and tested. Work with us.