Your SB 9 Window Is Closing!

If you are a homeowner in California, now is the time to take advantage of Senate Bill 9 before it’s potentially repealed. SB 9, the new bill that allows homeowners to split their lot in two, is being challenged and risks being revoked. This means Senate Bill 9 might get repealed by the next election in November.

So it is time to put SB 9 to use before it can disappear forever.

How do California homeowners benefit from SB 9?

Senate Bill 9 has many benefits for single-family homeowners in California. The primary one is that it allows homeowners to subdivide their residential lot into two lots. With this, two units can then be built on each plot, resulting in the opportunity to have four units in total.

What are the advantages of SB9 for homeowners?

There are many advantages to using SB 9 to subdivide your lot as a homeowner.

First, homeowners can build and then rent out their new dwellings. This is of particular value for current homeowners, considering the rise in demand for housing in California and the expected increased rental income within the state’s housing market.

Another main advantage of splitting your lot, of course, is that you can build your new units to then sell them. Again, this is particularly advantageous for a Californian seller right now, as the crippling housing shortage means that new properties are more in demand than ever and are selling at record high prices.

The advantages of SB 9 go beyond the financial aspect. It can also help increase quality of life.

For example, California homeowners can build additional square footage that would otherwise not be permissible with current zoning codes. Want a single-family residence, an office space, a rental unit, and guest space for the in-laws? SB9 may be your best option.

Look Into SB 9 Before It’s Too Late

As already mentioned, the SB9 window may very soon close. This is why here at Letter Four, we have created our very own SB 9 Express Service. This service caters to homeowners who want to take advantage of SB9 while it is still around and benefit from the multiple advantages it can bring.

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