Your All-in-One Solution for Designing and Building Your Dream Home

When you want a single team to carry your project all the way to the finish line, LETTER FOUR is here to help. As a full-service Design-Build firm, we cover the complete spectrum of licensed architectural design and general contracting work necessary to envision and construct your home. Our team is able to guide you through the entire journey, tailoring the experience to meet your needs and produce a home that you’ll be thrilled with for life.

The LETTER FOUR Difference

Choosing the Design-Build route is not only convenient, it gives you the advantage of more effective collaboration between those who design your home and those who build it. In the case of LETTER FOUR, this benefit is enhanced doubly by the fact that our firm features a 50/50 owner-partnership between Principal Architect, Lauren Adams, and our Principal General Contractor, Jeremy Baker.

Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build

Traditionally, home building has been a split process that divides work between different firms, but this siloed approach introduces complications. Architecture firms don’t consult with contractors while they plan their design, making it common for costs to far exceed the client’s budget once the time comes to build. In an effort to mitigate this financial blow, contractors try to take shortcuts and make concessions, often resulting in a build that doesn’t reflect the design the client had in mind.

It’s a lose-lose process for everyone, usually resulting in finger pointing and frustration. Architects and contractors shift blame to each other when things go awry, preventing satisfying resolutions for you, the homeowner.

The Design-Build experience eliminates these struggles and makes one entity accountable for the entire project’s success. Our best interests align with yours, pushing us to deliver the best results during every project phase. By working with a single team who cooperates from the very beginning of the design planning stage, you can count on your project staying on-budget and coming out exactly how you want. We settle for nothing less at LETTER FOUR.

Designing a Home That’s Perfect for You

We translate your vision into reality. Our Architectural Design team will devote as much time as needed to understand your personal style and needs. We’ll help you explore ideas and find the solutions that fit your lifestyle.

All design work is supported by our General Contracting team to provide you full clarity on construction costs and requirements ahead of time. You’ll never have to worry about your project’s plans being unachievable - you’ll have all of the practical insights needed to determine feasibility before your foundations are dug. Once construction begins, our architects work closely with the on-site crew to ensure that your design is interpreted accurately and takes shape as beautifully as we planned.

Building the Home You Envisioned

With our in-house General Contracting team, there’s no need to go searching for construction bids. We’ll have settled team coordination and costs beforehand, saving you money by getting plans right the first time and minimizing the need for change orders. By the time the construction phase is reached, we’ll have already gone through 3 rounds of pricing estimation to iron everything out and eliminate any surprises.

Our construction team is advised on all of your design details and made fully familiar with your goals. You get an expert building team who has already played a critical role in planning your design to ensure it meets your budget and needs. We forge ahead with full collaboration between our architects and contractors, achieving a build that reflects your exact vision down to the last detail.