General Contracting

LA’s Most Trusted Commercial General Contracting Service

If you’ve obtained complete design plans and need a contractor you can trust to build them, LETTER FOUR is here to help. We offer the full spectrum of General Contracting services to facilitate frictionless construction and clear the way to opening day.

Our goal is to begin collaborating with you and your architect as early as possible, ensuring we can effectively plan out pricing, logistics, and design implementation. We dive into your project’s details as soon as we’re hired on to obtain a thorough understanding of your company’s goals and unique needs. With this level of cooperation, you can expect a smooth and communicative construction process that keeps complications to a minimum. Our mission is to provide you with quality service that makes your building experience a milestone for your business, starting a new chapter in your brand’s story.

Built Strong and Beautiful

You and your architect have likely invested a significant amount of time, energy, and money into the development of your design. We safeguard that investment by tailoring our entire construction process to understanding your vision and executing it perfectly. At LETTER FOUR, we never sacrifice your plans for our convenience: your build will be true to every design specification, without any compromise in aesthetics, quality, or functionality. We take pride in our understanding of design and its importance in creating an outstanding retail, hospitality, or office space. Our team is devoted to meeting your every target and delivering a property that remains a positive asset for years to come.

Our Team

LETTER FOUR is home to a standout construction crew with proven experience working on some of the region’s most challenging projects. We’re led by our co-founder and general contractor Jeremy Baker, whose 20+ years of service has equipped him with the knowledge and connections to steer even the most daunting builds toward successful completion. In addition to our adept in-house staff, we’ve also established long-term partnerships with some of the area’s most skilled and dependable subcontractors. We’ve vetted each one to confirm all licensing and bonding requirements, giving you ultimate peace of mind knowing your property is in the hands of a capable and professional team.

How we work

Pre Construction

Our team lays the groundwork for your build with effective planning. We start by thoroughly assessing the initial designs provided by your architect. This evaluation gives us the information we need to determine an initial construction cost range so that you know if your project budget is sufficient for what your architect is proposing. Having a clear overview from the start gives you full transparency, and allows all project collaborators to address potential conflicts before work begins.


Smooth construction progress is achieved via constant communication with your architectural design team. We commit to weekly on-site or virtual meetings to ensure we have a full understanding of your design intent and that our work aligns perfectly. All project contributors are kept up to date on developments, and notified immediately of any complications or needs that must be resolved along the way.


We keep your project’s schedule clear and organized through diligent management. Our staff provides consistent updates so that you’re always informed, and prepares ahead of time to confirm that all upcoming milestones can be met without issue. This includes city inspections, approvals, deliveries, and all deadlines associated with material orders or subcontractors. Our sharp attention to detail assures your commercial space is ready for operation on-time.

Change Orders

Even the most organized, well-planned projects need some changes made along the way. We help you navigate these with ease. Our team will clearly document any changes made to project scope, along with resulting changes to the timeline and pricing. We work closely with you and your architect to implement alternative solutions in a timely manner, keeping your change orders from throwing your project off track.

Project Closeout

We aren’t finished until you’re ecstatic about the quality of our work. After construction has finished, we take you through a full walkthrough of your property, inspecting every feature on your project punch list to confirm that each one meets your standards. Our firm stands behind our warranties and is ready to attend to any issues, should they arise. Upon turnover, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive manual that contains all of the important information you need for effective facility management. This includes subcontractor contacts, applicable warranties for all materials and appliances, material specification sheets, and an equipment servicing schedule. With these references, your business will have a clear blueprint for maintaining your property’s value and functionality.


Jeremy’s lifelong construction experience makes us uniquely qualified to bring your new commercial space to life. We bring an informed perspective to the process, recognizing the value of design and the importance of collaboration with your architectural team. If you’re seeking a crew that can take on your project’s design as well, we’re ready to offer you the full Design-Build experience. Whatever your needs, our staff is poised to provide you with an elite level of service that is specially customized for your big project.

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