Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Design Build?
    • Design-Build is when one entity provides both Architectural design and Construction services. Here at Letter Four we do things a bit differently than others that offer Design-Build as Jeremy and Lauren are 50/50 partners in Letter Four and that means that we work on our projects together from start to finish. At other firms you will often find that a contractor brings in an architect or designer or vice versa. We think it is important to know the ins and outs of each of our projects from start to finish to streamline the process for our clients.
  • Why is it beneficial for a potential client to hire a Design-Build firm like Letter Four rather than hiring an architect and contractor separately?
    • Efficiency! The fact that the construction side of the business can be involved in the design from it’s early stages all the way through to design completion and permitting means that we’re budgeting throughout the project and designing to our clients’ budgets. Also, having the architectural team at an arm’s length during construction to answer questions really streamlines the process. It cuts down on the amount of hours needed on the project internally, and cuts down on schedule and cost delays on site. That streamlined process is incredibly beneficial to our clients.
  • I have a friend who is a contractor and I only want to hire Letter Four for architectural design services. Is that an option?
    • Yes! That definitely is an option. We can provide you with architectural design-only or construction-only services. Although, easily 90%+ of our projects are Design-Build we do offer a lot of other services to clients. You do not have to sign on for the full scope. We can also help you compare apples to apples when it comes time to bid on the construction end, so if you would like to compare your contractor’s bid to ours or someone else’s we can help with that.
  • Let’s say I just bought a house. It’s only 1,000 square feet and it’s a little too small for my family so we would like to add a second story and potentially convert the garage into an ADU. How much would that cost?
    • Great question! We get it a lot. Because you are talking about a remodel and adding a second story it would be challenging to give you an early budget simply based on a square footage number. We do a breakdown of existing, remaining, affected, and new square footage, as well as site conditions to then calculate and total all of those areas and come up with a preliminary budget for you. We just need a little bit more information on the project. It is easier to give a preliminary budget for new construction. Right now new construction is ranging somewhere around $300-$325 a square foot on our projects.



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